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Homeless Information


Hope & Help for Homeless Children & Youth
St. Clair County Board of Education
410 Roy Drive
Ashville, Alabama 35953
Phone (205) 594-7131
Fax (205) 594-4441


McKinney- Vento Act

The McKinney-Vento act was reauthorized by President Bush on January 8, 2005. A portion of this act related to the education of homeless children and youth. Subtitle VII-B requires that local education agencies establish and carry out policies to ensure that these children have access to a free, appropriate public education, on the same basis as children with established residences. Laws, regulations, practices or policies should not act as barriers to the enrollment, attendance or school success of homeless students.

Services available to homeless children and youth include medical and dental emergencies in collaboration with other community organizations, counseling related to violence prevention, behavior, and unique needs that may arise from domestic violence.

Your child has the right to participate in all programs at the school. If you need financial assistance, contact the counselor at your school.

Definition of Homeless / Highly Mobile Individuals

The McKinney –Vento Homeless Assistance Act defines a “homeless person” as one who lacks a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence or one who has a primary nighttime residence that is defined as follows:

  • A shelter/transitional housing/ welfare motel
  • The streets/ car/ abandoned building/ campground / etc.
  • An institution that provides temporary residence for individuals intended to be institutionalized.
  • A residence with substandard living conditions ( not fit for human habitation—no electricity, no heat, no running water, no windows/doors, holes in roof or floor, no way to cook or store food
  • Two or more families living together in crowded or undesirable living conditions because they have no place of their own to live where they can safely and healthfully meet their basic needs of privacy with dignity.

Characteristics of Homeless Children

School personnel can identify a probable homeless situation by:

  • Appearance: inappropriate clothing, inadequate clothing, poor hygiene, signs of malnutrition
  • Frequent absenteeism
  • Frequent change of address
  • A noticeable change in behavior patterns such as attention seeking behavior, acting out
  • An absence of basic materials and supplies
  • Withdrawal from peer interaction

The LEA will comply with Federal Civil Rights regulations and the American with Disabilities Act which prohibits discrimination based on race, disability, sex, and age.

For additional information contact:

Federal Program Coordinator at (205) 594-7131 extension 2257


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410 Roy Drive | Ashville, AL 35953