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Continuous School Improvement

The Continuous Improvement Plan (ACIP) is a process that  all St. Clair County Schools have been implementing since 2007. The ACIP plan is developed through collaboration between stakeholders and designed as an action plan that drives decisions. It is stored in the ASSIST website through Advanc-ED. The LEA School Improvement Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the design and implementation of the plans in addition to providing technical assistance and professional development opportunities based on individual school plans.

To evaluate the progress of each school's plan (ACIP), the (LEA) School Improvement Coordinator conducts monthly reviews at each school. This process provides each school with a progress report through a walkthrough or a conference. This data reflection is meant to enhance instruction and places a focus on benchmarks throughout the year.

The School Improvement Coordinator works with all district stakeholders to develop a LEA Continuous Improvement Plan (ACIP) that supports the individual school plans. This plan is written in collaboration with the District Instructional Team and stakeholders to provide a roadmap and support schools in the school improvement process.

We value all stakeholders and any solutions they may have...For questions involving School Improvement or District Accreditation, please contact Jan Bailey.

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