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Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders Today

Strategic Plan 2015-2020


St. Clair County School System Target Goals:                                                                                                                                               

Provide a rigorous curriculum where students become problem solvers, critical thinkers by collaboration with diverse groups and gain a deeper understanding of how their learning can make a lifelong difference.                                                 

Provide classroom instruction relevant to the 21st Century learner.                                                                                            

It is the vision of the St. Clair County School System to provide opportunities and challenges for each student, preparing them academically and socially to succeed as a lifelong learner in a changing world.

The district values a culture of learning and professional practice where student learning is the central focus. The district recognizes its role as the foundation to the social, civic and economic growth of this county.

To achieve this vision, we must ignite the hearts and minds of our students, staff, families, the business community and citizens.

To educate and prepare each student to succeed in a changing world.

The St. Clair County School System’s success is defined as EACH student educated and prepared to succeed in a changing world. Our guiding beliefs can be summarized as:

• Teacher quality – By setting expectations for what is “effective strategic teaching” and providing frequent feedback to teachers through classroom observations and demonstration sites teacher instructional practice will improve and student achievement will rise. Effective teachers are the key to student achievement.

• Managed instruction – A district-wide curriculum, coupled with pacing guides and related professional development supported by a team of expert instructional partners and coaches, will provide a seamless and aligned system of learning across the District and student achievement will rise.

• Professional Learning Communities – Frequent collaboration amongst teachers in a grade or subject will improve instructional practice and student achievement will rise.

• Standards-based and data-driven – Teach to the standards for each of the required subjects                                                                         Monitoring regularly and measuring progress through the use of formative assessments, and frequently reviewing student achievement data, instructional practice will be improved and student achievement will rise.

• Multiple pathways – By providing multiple pathways for student learning, students will be more engaged in school, confidence will build and student achievement will rise.

• Safe and secure environment - By providing an environment that is socially, emotionally, and physically safe/secure and supportive, students will be more engaged in school, confidence will build and student achievement will rise.

• Technology-rich – By increasing the use of technology and connecting learning with the outside world students’ gain 21st century skills and student achievement will rise.

• Parent engagement – If parents have full visibility of their child’s performance, and if they have the skill and will to do so, they will reinforce strengths and help address weaknesses and student achievement will rise.

• Community engagement – If the community is actively engaged with the schools and district, through volunteerism and community partnerships, the students will benefit from the additional resources and student achievement will rise.

• Fiscal accountability – By exhibiting efficient and effective use of federal, state, and local resources, the district will maintain community support while delivering upon its mission and student achievement will rise.

Ultimately, success will be realized when 100% of the District’s students graduate with or before their respective cohort.

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