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St. Clair County Virtual Preparatory Academy
Virtual Preparatory Academy--A free public school option.
Virtual Preparatory Academy--A free public school option.

SCC Virtual Preparatory Academy

      A School Without Walls

Students use an online learning system to access their daily lessons, which include all of the information they need to successfully complete their work. They can also:

Submit their assignments directly online

  • Participate in live online classes
  • Join interactive discussions about their subjects
  • Connect with their teachers, and reach out for extra help whenever they need it
  • Experience our many online clubs and virtual field trips


Thank you for your interest in the SCC Virtual(k12) Preparatory Academy.  Please take time to complete the survey below.  If you are interested in learning in your home environment or a blended virtual experience, please select the option in the survey below and someone from the School District will be contacting you to set up an appointment.  If you are registering for an online class, the guidance office will be contacting you for further discussion.   Thanks in advance for your patience as we work to develop our Virtual Academy Program.


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Informational Brochure




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