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HR Forms and Links

Looking for a Sub? WillSub

Folder Employment Forms (4 Files)
pdf file Certified Personal Reference Form
pdf file Long Term Sub, Contract, Temp Employee Tech Agreement
pdf file Student Teacher Agreement
pdf file Support Personal Reference Form
Folder Administration Forms (12 Files)
pdf file Job Posting Request
pdf file Recommendation to Hire
pdf file Student Teacher Agreement
pdf file Travel Reimbursement
pdf file Voluntary Reassignment
pdf file Voluntary Transfer
pdf file Leave- Vacation Form- 12 Month Contract
pdf file Travel Expense Policy
pdf file Cardholder Agreement
pdf file Income Supplement Form
pdf file Inventory-Personal Property
pdf file Title Expense Form
Folder Employee Forms (13 Files)
pdf file 2018-2019 Employee Handbook
pdf file Catastrophic Illness or Injury
pdf file Doctor`s Release to Return to Work
pdf file Faculty Emergency Information
pdf file Field Trip Request Form
pdf file FMLA
pdf file Injury on the Job
pdf file Leave-Swap Day Form
pdf file PD Request and Reimbursement Form
pdf file Requisition
pdf file Sick Leave Bank Guidelines
pdf file Sick Leave Bank-Catastropic Sick Leave
pdf file Sick Leave Bank-Loan
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