• The St. Clair County Schools Child Nutrition Program participates in the National School Breakfast, & Lunch Program that operates under federal nutrition guidelines, as mandated by the National School Act of 1946 and the Child Nutrition Act of 1966 and its revision of 2010. These nutrition guidelines for schools are based on Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA), student’s caloric needs, and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

    School breakfast provides one fourth of an average American child’s nutritional needs and school lunch provides one third of an average American child’s nutritional needs based on their grade group. The St Clair County Child Nutrition program is delighted to offer a large variety of vegetables & fruits as well as more whole grains, and low fat and fat-free dairy products in recipes and products designed to appeal to children & teenagers.

  • Can a meal be charged to a student or faculty's account if there is not enough funds available?

  • How can I put money into my child's account to use for breakfast and/or lunch?

  • Can anyone bring fast food for lunch instead of purchasing lunchroom?

  • How can I receive a lunch menu?

  • What if a student loses his/her lunch card?