About the Counselor



Degrees and Certifications:

Jared Bowman

Moody Junior High School is proud to have Jared W Bowman as our school counselor. Mr. Bowman believes that every person has value and worth and should be treated as such, and he works each day to meet the emotional, mental, and academic needs of our students. A graduate of Pell City High School, Mr. Bowman has a Masters in Counseling from Jacksonville State University. He came to MJHS in 2017 after a decade with JBS Mental Health as an out-patient therapist. In his free time, Mr. Bowman likes getting in his wife’s way and being his 4 year old daughter’s dedicated hype man. He loves watches, raising his blood pressure by reading the comments section, and watching True Crime documentaries. 


He re-watches LOST in its entirety at least once a year.