• Classroom Expectations:

    Classroom Rules-

    1. Be on time.
    2. Be prepared.
    3. Show class in everything you do.


    Discipline Policy-

    The following are the consequences in the event that classroom rules are not followed.  The instructor may deviate from this format if the situation demands it.

    • First Offense: Warning
    • Second Offense: Consequences such as break detention, before/after school detention, seat assignment, or additional measures that the instructor deems appropriate.
    • Third Offense: Consequences as with a second offense, as well as a call to a parent/guardian
    • Fourth Offense: Office referral


    Attendance / Tardy Policy-

    The policies set by the Saint Clair County Board of Education and Ragland High School’s administration regarding attendance and tardies will be followed.  Please refer to the Code of Conduct and/or the Student Handbook for more information.


    Make-Up Work Policy-

    All students are expected to make up any missed assignments within three days of returning to school.  Students are responsible for checking with the instructor for their missed assignments.


    Late Work Policy-

    Assignments that are turned in late, but within a reasonable amount of time, will be accepted, but students will only receive partial credit.  Students are responsible for keeping track of what assignments they have outstanding.