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School News

  • New Payment Options at MHS


    We are now offering online payments for parking & lockers

    Parents can pay the above fees prior to registration.

    If you are interested in this service please see the website information below.

    (We will offer other online options for class and sports fees this fall.)


    Students will need to bring a “printed” copy of their PayPams receipt on their assigned registration day in order to receive a parking permit and/or locker number.


    Students should bring: Driver’s License, Paper Copy of Insurance & Tag # of Vehicle.

    (Please check the expiration date of your insurance card)


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  • Hybrid Option

    ***Updated 7-23-2020***

    The hybrid option allows for the student to spend one or more grading periods online and one or more grading periods in the traditional setting. Choose this model if you are unsure of starting back as traditional but may return to traditional this school year. Please understand that we ask for a 9 week commitment (based upon grading period). Your child will be enrolled online using a program to meet their educational needs. This option does not include face-to-face instruction. Each school will assign a facilitator for the online learning within the hybrid option.

     Provide a learning management system (Microsoft Teams or One Note) to house an online curriculum (Schools PLP for elementary and APEX for secondary) with content correlated with Alabama Content Standards. For those without internet access, provide weekly assignments which must be picked up by the parent / caregiver or student.
     Reconvene IEP team or 504 team to address amendment(s) to IEP or 504 plan for virtual learning via Hybrid option.
     Reconvene IELP team to address amendment(s) to IELP if needed via Hybrid option.
     Assign a certified teacher to facilitate online learning. (This may or may not be the same teacher a child had or would have in the traditional setting.)
     Generate and share progress reports every 4 ½ weeks.
     Team will evaluate the student’s level of engagement / success within the online curriculum or completion of printed assignments and make recommendations concerning whether the student should remain in the hybrid option; apply to St. Clair County’s Virtual Preparatory Academy which could offer a blend of online instruction with small group / individual instruction, or return as a traditional student with safety measures in place.

    Teacher (assigned to facilitate hybrid student’s online learning)
     Use the learning management system to post assignments, provide instructional resources, and monitor the student’s level of engagement and progress within the online curriculum. For those without internet access, teachers will create weekly assignments which must be picked up by the parent / caregiver or student.
     Communicate no less than weekly through email, phone calls, and / or Skype or MS Teams with the student and parent / caregiver concerning the student’s level of engagement and progress within the online curriculum.
     Provide additional instructional resources for clarification and extra practice as requested.
     Implement IEP, 504, and IELP plans.

     Prioritize daily schedule to ensure adequate time is devoted to online curriculum and mastery of content standards.
     Seek help from parent / caregiver when having trouble accessing the online curriculum due to inability to understand / follow the directions or technology issues or confusion about a printed assignment.
     Reach out to the teacher for clarification of directions.
     Complete daily / weekly assignments.
     Reach out to teacher to request additional support on content / assignments which are confusing.

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  • Moody High School


    On-line Registration


    Due to software issues with Power School, Moody High School will host registration for all students on August 10 and 11, 2020. This will occur in the Moody High School gym from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. More details will be announced on specific times at a later date. In an effort to reduce the spread of any virus, we will attempt to be as virtual as possible. We are requesting all payments be submitted to prior to this date, but we will have a credit card reader on campus if necessary.


    1. On-line Registration at
      1. Snap Code
        1. If Power School is functional this week, you will receive an email with the snap code for your student.
        2. If Power School is not working, we will communicate an alternative for registration.
      2. Please upload TWO PROOFS OF RESIDENCY as we cannot accept paper copies of these ACCEPTABLE proofs of residence are specified as:
        1. Copy of lease or mortgage agreement in parent or guardian’s name.
        2. Copy of current utility bills in a parent or guardian’s name (power, gas, water, internet, etc – bill must prove you have an established residency there). Disconnect notices are not acceptable.
    • Property tax notice
    1. Voter registration card
      1. Bill sent to the address (such as credit card, medical, cell phone, etc)
    2. Once you hit “SUBMIT”, the program will not allow you to go back to upload proofs of residency, so make sure you upload them before submitting the application.
      1. If unable to do this, please email your proofs of residency to


    1. Immunizations/Medications
      1. All immunizations must be up to date or students will not be allowed to register and enroll.
      2. Medications (including all over the counter medications) will NOT BE ALLOWED unless there is a completed Parent Authorization form including the doctor’s signature on file with the nurse.
        1. Due to policy changes, the nurse cannot administer anything without a prescription and completed authorization form.


    1. Parking Passes
      1. A copy of the STUDENT driver’s license (NOT PERMIT) AND proof of insurance.
        1. Can be emailed to
        2. Or presented on the date of registration


    1. Donations – Picking parking spots and lockers
      1. A minimum of $25 will allow students the opportunity to pick parking and lockers early.
      2. All donations will be used to purchase cleaning supplies and improve facilities
      3. If you pay for the donation, parking, and/or lockers PRIOR TO Monday, August 3, 2020, you will receive a link and password via Sign-up Genius from Dr. Walters to reserve the spot and/or locker. This will be first come, first serve based on the schedule below when released and seniors will have the first 24 hours to choose parking.
        1. Parking (completed online via emailed link according to the schedule below)
          1. 12th Grade – Tuesday, August 4, 2020 at 10:00 am
          2. 11th Grade – Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 10:00 am
          3. 10th Grade – Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 10:00 am
        2. Lockers (completed online via emailed link on the schedule below)
          1. All grades will be released on Tuesday, August 4, 2020 at 10:00 am
        3. Note: Online registration DOES NOT have to be complete prior to the August 3rd date, but we highly suggest completing this ASAP as all students will have to be registered online.


    1. Laptops
      1. We are 1:1 with HP Streams. These will be checked out to ALL students at registration.
      2. They will be used to turn in work, complete assignments, and if necessary due to closure, all school work.
      3. A parent AND student must be present to get the laptop. A contract must be signed and the student must login on the network the first time.
      4. If broken, damaged, or lost, the parent and student are responsible for $230.
      5. All students will receive a laptop.


    1. Yearbooks
      1. A total of $50 or $10 deposit.
      2. Please pay at
      3. Senior yearbook ads - $100.


    1. Senior Questions
      1. $30 senior fee – pay to MHS at
      2. $85 cap and gown – will pay to Herff-Jones the day of registration.
      3. Jill Wiley, Ms. West, and Dr. Walters will offer online Skype sessions during the week of August 3-7 in the evenings.
        1. Those dates and times will be announced to only the senior groups when they are finalized.
        2. We will try our best to answer any questions you may have about senior year at that point.
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