• Grading


    9 weeks grades will be computed as follows:

    GOLD Major Tests/Grammar quizzes/Projects=50% Tests and grammar quizzes will be announced and will cover multiple structures and skills such as grammar, comprehension, or comprehensibility. 

    SILVER Vocabulary Quizzes/Prácticas/Secondary assignments=30% Quizzes may be written, oral, or spoken.  Participating in class and studying, even briefly, on a regular basis should help with preparedness for these.  Prácticas will be taken up some days, other days they will be gone over in class.  They will all eventually be turned in and count towards a grade.  Secondary assignments may include oral practice activities, listening practice activities, and other practical activities.   

    BRONZE Homework and Class Participation=10% Students should make an observable effort in class to use the language, to do so appropriately, and to contribute to the learning environment in a positive manner.  This will be taken into consideration as part of the class grade.  Activities in class designed around participation will be recorded here as well.  Classwork and homework may be in any form, including digital.  It is designed to practice, reinforce, and review what takes place in class. If students use their time wisely in class, they should have minimal homework most of the time.  



    Your final grade for the course will be as follows:

    Semester 1

    First nine weeks average= 50%

    Second nine weeks average=50%


    Semester 2

    Third nine weeks average=50%

    Fourth nine weeks average=50%


    Other Considerations

    • There are no extra credit opportunities in this class.
    • Absences and makeup work-When you are absent it is your responsibility to make up any work that you miss. For each day that you are absent, you will have two days to make up the assignment, if necessary.  If you miss notes, get them from a classmate. Sometimes you will need to makeup work, sometimes not.  See me to confirm.
    • There will be no exam exemptions for the 1st and 3rd nine weeks.  Students will be eligible to exempt the 2nd and 4th nine weeks.