• The accommodated work that is posted is the shortened work required for some students. 

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  • Good Morning! 

    We are officially into our second week of Beyond the Classroom learning. 

    A few announcements:

    1.I have posted lessons/assignments for the rest of the year on my webpage; I will be sending it to student emails.

    2.I will be at SCCHS tomorrow, April 14 from 11-1 a.m. to take up last week's packets and give out this second packet. There will be no more packets. To submit assignments, take a pic of the assignment and email. 

    3.Email is the best way to contact me and to send me assignments. I rarely check Teams; therefore as of now; email your assignments.

    4.When sending assignments, be sure to include assignment title in topic.

    5.If you do not know your student email, send Ms. Hyatt a message. She may be of help. 

    6.I will be holding weekly Skype study sessions. If you cannot log onto Skype, (It's Skype for Business), please also contact Ms. Hyatt for assistance. 

    7.If you haven't submitted assignments yet, due date is tomorrow, April 14 at noon. 

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  • Morning! 

    You will find the assignments/lessons for this week in the Assignments tab. 

    The assignments that have due dates are specified. To submit assignments, you will need to copy and paste into a new document. Then, you can either send to me as an attachment, share with me on Word Online, send me a pic, or scan your assignment. 


    Paper forms will be available at the school starting tomorrow and can be returned to school begining next Tuesday. 

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  • There are links to the assignments I have prepared to help us easily transition when we return to school. For PreAP English 9, there is a Langton Hughes biography assignment for this week and a Langston Hughes poem assignment for the week after Spring Break. We read "Dreams" and "Dreams Deferred" last week, so studying Langston Hughes will help us study the poet. 

    For English 9, I have created assignments to help us understand Martin Luther King, Jr. since we have read "I Have a Dream." There is a Martin Luther King, Jr. biography assignment for this week and a Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes assignment for the week after Spring Break. 

    Since we had scheduled a vocab quiz, I have also posted vocab review to help you study so that you are prepared when we do return. 

    Please email me with any questions. 

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  • Welcome to Mrs. Hornsby's class!

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