Variety of colors of bows
Students on Shooting line
  • Please be advised that there will be an archery fee to help pay for archery meets, bus transportation, bow and arrow maintenance, and t-shirts.  The fee will be $100 per archer and does not include a bow.  This will include your admission to all home meets which will help alleviate the need to exchange money at the gate.  

    Bows will be provided to each archer who makes the team so it is not necessary to purchase one.  However, it is recommended that you do get a bow if you are able to do so and if you make the archery team.  The more consistant an archer is with his/her shooting, the better they become;  this includes using the same bow every time. 

    The only bow that is allowed in practice or in competition is a Genesis bow.  This bow has 20 lbs of force that is applied to the arrow whenever it is pulled back to fire.  There are right and left handed bows that are available and they are available in a variety of colors.  My son purchased a camoflauge one when he shot and it will be what I use during demonstrations.  I will advise that you wait to purchase the bow until we determine which eye is dominant for your archer.  I am a right handed person who shoots left handed because I am a left eye dominant individual.