• Mrs. Brown

    Posted by Brittany Brown on 3/18/2020

    Hello Friends!!!!

    I already miss you all SOOO much! I hope that you all are doing well and enjoying family time! I LOVE seeing pictures or video of your learning! Please, please, please share with me on DoJo what you're up to!

    Here are some ideas to do at home during this unexpected break:

    • READ READ READ (Let them read to you, you read to them, listen to audiobooks, etc)
    • Practice sight words! So crucial for fluent reading. I have included videos on this page.
    • WRITE! Write a letter to a friend, or Mrs. Brown, write a grocery list, write a silly story!
    • Count together.
    • Cook together!
    • Solve everday problems. Ex: How many people are in our family? How many pieces of bread do we need for everyone in our family to have a sandwich?
    • Have conversations with your child.
    • Let them wonder and ask questions!
    • Limit screen time, increase creative play (legos, playdoh, drawing)
    • Play outside!!! Write with sidewalk chalk, throw a ball, mud pies, leaf collections, rock collections, etc.
    • Directed Drawings- go to youtube.com or pinterest.com and type in directed drawings. The kids LOVE these and they're great to review shapes and following directions!
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