Continue to read Frankenstein.  You should have read through Chapter 14 for Monday.  Finish the book and continue reading.  I am working on putting the quizzes on Edmodo along with links to videos and other assignments.  Your course join code is nb22e4.  You SHOULD already have accounts from the beginning of the year when you had level questions on The Awakening.  I can send you your passwords and usernames through Remind101.

    Join Remind101 by texting @c9agfe to 81010.

    You also need to complete your weekly essay.  The prompt is in the PDF that I posted on this page.  You will need to complete the prose essay #1 on the pdf pages 165-166.  If you have a printer, I suggest using the guided writing on pdf pages 239-242. 

    You can also type the essay into Edmodo if you prefer to get feedback.


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    All of the assignments for Pre-AP English 9 are online at www.edmodo.com. 

    Students will need to sign up for a free account. 

    The class join code is 5w6mjn.

    On there, you will find an instructional message from me, a vocabulary word list and assignment, a link to a short story, and discussion questions.

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    This week has been a strange one.  Being out of school brings with it a certain mix of emotions - anxiety, restlessness, uncertainty, etc.  People deal with emotions in a variety of ways; however, one proven method of dealing with these emotions is through writing.  Some may use the writing as a way to work through their inner thoughts; others may turn to it for a light-hearted expression; others may use it to escape into fictional worlds. 


    And so, I'm leaving this one up to you all.  All of you are different and respond differently, but I DO expect you to produce some form of writing this week. 


    The following are acceptable options:


    Write a short story or the first chapter of a novel.  It should be at least 750 words, but there is not a limit on how much you can write.

    Write a series of journal entries.  At least five.  They can be from any character's perspective or from your own.

    Write a collection of poems.  At least 3.

    Write a collection of news stories, either serious or comedic.  Total words should be at least 750.  Don't forget headlines.


    Have fun with it, but again, I DO expect work.

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