• Most pages (Reflex, Dreambox, Math and Science text, Lexia) can be accessed through your student's clever login.

    They will go to www.clever.com, then use their badge to log in (they will have to allow their camera).  

    If they do not have their badge available, they can login with 

    last name+ last 4 digits of student number @students.sccboe.org


    Microsoft TEAMS

    Go to Microsoft 360- https://www.office.com

    Or there is an icon on the student computer desktop.

    The students log in with last name+ last 4 digits of student number @students.sccboe.org

    I have also tried to add a TEAMS link to clever under Mrs. Weldon's Teacher page.....


    To use TEAMS

    *For a meeting: click calendar, find the day, click join

    *For assignments: click assignments or go to the class and click assignments