• We will offer 3 educational options  this school year.  Option 1 is traditional and will operate as we have always operated while taking extra precautions to maintain safety for staff and students.  Option 2 is fully online through our Virtual Preparatory Academy.  The VPA is an accredited St. Clair County School that offers a State approved curriculum for grades K - 12.  This option is a full year online commitment, while allowing opportunities for face-to-face interactions.  Applications to enroll into VPA can be found on their website.  Option 3 is hybrid.  This option will be facilitated by the local school using an online State approved educational platform.  The commitment is for an entire grading period.  The student has the option to return to traditional school after the grading period has concluded.  Students within this option will not attend traditional classes while using the program.  Within the next few days, each school will share an online survey.  You will then have the opportunity to indicate which of the 3 options you anticipate each of your children will pursue.  The surveys will be open until the end of July.


    For more information you may contact the office or click here to see more details!