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    With the increase of technology use, students and parents often find themselves with questions they need answers to regarding the use of new programs and devices.  St. Clair County Schools is dedicated to helping students prepare for their futures in the world of technology.  Please click on the BEYOND THE CLASSROOM (PARENTS) sections to the left to find helpful resources.  It's a great day in St. Clair County!

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What do I do if I need help at home with student technology issues?

  • If the resources on this page do not answer your questions, please contact your child's teacher via email with the following information:


    1. What is the student's name?
    2. What is the student's grade?
    3. What kind of device is the student using? (Is it a school-issued laptop?  Is it a personal computer?  Is it a personal MacBook?  Is it a tablet or phone?)
    4. What is the issue?