•  Dear Second grade Parents: 

    Welcome to Moody Elementary! It was a beautiful summer and I am looking forward to a fabulous fall, especially with your child in my class. My name is Dana Bell and I will be your child’s teacher.  I am excited! I assume that some of the children (and parents) are a bit nervous about the first day. Every year, I get nervous when I walk into the classroom for the first time and see all of the children! Then I learn about my children and love the year. This is my 25th year and it is always amazing!


    I hope your child is excited about school...all of the anxieties about the “newness” will soon disappear and we will all be having a great time as we start learning our routines and making friends. I am sure you have many questions about your child’s year, so I hope to answer many of those questions at "Meet the Teacher", on Aug. 3rd.  Please confirm that you have received this email at my email address at dana.bell@sccboe.org.  I will send more information and let you know how to get signed up for all my online materials. I also need to know if your child goes by a different name other than the one that I was given ( I receive legal names, I need to know if your child goes by a middle name or a nick name).  If you could send that by email, I can see that items in the room have the correct name on them. I would love to have a picture so that I can start putting faces to names before the first day of school.


    As I said, Meet the Teacher is on Aug. 3rd at 5:00.  My room is 216.   Supplies need to be dropped off at this time.  I will have boxes by and in my room for the materials.  Please put your child’s name on notebooks, binders, crayon bags, book bags and lunchboxes.  Please do not bring the book bag or lunchbox to the supply drop off.  The book bag and lunchbox should come with your child on the first day of school.  Put your child’s name on both of those items. Please put your child's name on all coats and jackets.


    We will eat in the lunchroom every day.  Snacks will not be provided this year. You must supply your child a snack daily.  Please use the same lunchbox for lunch and snack.  I will not have a place for two boxes. We will not be using water fountains, so children can bring a water bottle from home. 



    We will be preparing your child for online learning, just in case it is needed.  I will send home sign-in codes for all the online sources we will use.  Look for that to come home in your child’s daily folder. Please put this in a safe place for e-learning days.


    If you need to check your child out through the year,  Please check your child out before 2:15 to avoid our dismissal procedures for the school. 


    For your child’s safety and well being, please let the school know of any change in his/her schedule for going home. If your child goes to a babysitter, please let me know what days this occurs. All changes must be done in writing. Please send information in the child’s binder. Emails may not get to me.  If I do not respond, I did not see the email. Please send a note or talk to the office.


    Communication between home and school 

    Teaching your child is a joint effort between you and me.  We all have the same goal – for your child to learn and be happy, challenged, comfortable, and secure at school. We need to work together in order for your child to have success. I am asking that you please review things we have learned at school on a daily basis. There is no need to spend hours at night drilling skills. Have fun…read books daily, play word games, review spelling words etc.  I will be sending homework weekly. It is your child’s homework. You will need to help your child, but encourage your child to do the majority of the work. Please read the newsletters that  I email to you. It will tell you everything that we are working on in school. My Facebook page will be updated weekly  with the same material from the email.

    Writing notes, or emailing are great ways to share information with me. Please send all notes in your child’s binder.  I will ask for  information each morning from my students. You may also send lunch money this way and we will make sure all important information gets to the office or its designated place. I have car and bus duty in the morning. If a child hands me money, I will forget the who and why before class.  Please leave it in the binder. Please, to help me by  putting  a name and reason for the money. 

         I will be at my room (216 ) to meet  your child on the first day of school.


    Together we will make your child’s Second Grade year the best ever!  


    Sincerely,  Dana Bell



    Moody Elementary





    Go to mes.sccboe.org  go to teachers, Mrs. Bell Saves this to your desk top or favorites. Please go to the sites weekly for updates.


    Supply list.   see Walmart list


    Moody Elementary School


    These are supplies that are specific to my class.

    • 1 Set washable markers-PRIMARY colors Please--washable is for your benefit. They don't ruin clothing.


        *   A small dry erase board—dollar tree has great ones.


    • 1 pack of expo markers--This is for your child to use, not for me.  We use them for centers, we write sight words on the desk and boards with them, etc. Black lasts the longest.


    We will use the items above for center time due to the virus.  We will not be sharing items this year. 


    Please put your child's name on binder, book bag, lunchbox, crayon bag, and markers boxes,   


    Can't wait to meet everyone.  So excited!