• How to get to assignments while we are Virtually Learning

    • Microsoft Teams PageGo to the Math page and you will find your assignment for each day listed. You will also find live links that go to my video for the day. My video walks you through each lesson.

    Microsoft Office Suite is found on our school website (www.sccboe.org/ams) or on your laptop (orange box).  Click on the blue “T” for Teams.


    • Microsoft Outlook (email) Please check your email each morning and afternoon for important information from your teacher and school staff.    (This is also in Microsoft Office Suite as listed above)
    • Clever.com– This is where you will work and submit your homework AND can also watch the daily lessons for each lesson.

    -Click on the green book and choose the correct chapter and lesson for the day (Ex. Chapter 5, Lesson 5.3 or 5.4). You can watch the assigned Examples and then work out the “Try Its” here.

    -To submit homework, scroll down to assignments---click “See All” and complete and submit the HW by the due date on Teams. 

    No Internet?

    *****If you do not have internet at home,you will need to email your teacher so that she can get things together for you. You must do your homework on notebook paper each day and turn it into the blue basket when we return to the classroom.  Your work needs to have your name on it and the lesson name. 

    Also, I encourage you to get the Microsoft Teams app on your cell phone so that you can watch my daily lessons. Without the video, you will have to walk through the examples in the packet and teach yourself as best as you can. This is not ideal. I would rather you learn from me.  Please consider asking your parent to download the Teams app from the app store so that you can get the daily instruction from me.  You will need to log into the Teams app just as you log into your computer. 

    Please email me if you have any questions about getting the app or logging in.