• St. Clair County Code of Conduct



    ROBOT Folders

    Your student will have a ROBOT folder for all our communication. If you have any notes or money, please send them inside these folders. Students are responsible for checking folders each morning and turning all notes and money in to our "Mrs. Cisco Needs to Know" bucket. These folders will come home each afternoon, but may not always have something inside. Please make sure you are checking folders, and returning them to backpacks daily. Graded papers will come home each Wednesday.

    Graded Papers

    Graded papers will come home every Wednesday inside your child's ROBOT folder. Please sign the "Weekly Conduct and Graded Papers" sheet stapled inside the ROBOT folder and return the folder to school the next day. All graded papers are yours to keep.


    Please send all money in an envelope or ziploc baggie with your child's name, my name, the amount, and the purpose. This is so helpful because they see a lot of teachers and money gets easily lost or misplaced, or just thrown in a pile. This way your money is going just where it needs to go! Money should be turned in with ROBOT folders.


    Agendas will be sent via Blackboard communication (email) every Monday afternoon. You will find homework and test dates, as well as other important dates and reminders on the agenda. This agenda will include all your child's classes. Additional assignments and information may also be given in class. Please make sure you have a current email that you check frequently on file with our counselor to be signed up for the Blackboard emails. 


    All students should have a binder with dividers for each class inside. Please encourage your student to keep this organized and tidy. We will spend time at school learning how to keep these in order, but they may also need your help at home sorting papers into the correct class section for the first few weeks of school. It is very important to stay organized with assignments and homework. Some classes will also have a composition notebook for some assignments. 

    All Social Studies and English Language Arts papers should stay inside those sections of your student's binder. Even papers that are graded. We use these papers each day during our unit studies. When a unit is complete, we will clean out this section together, and papers will come home with graded papers on Wednesday's. 


    Each teacher in our pod has a "Conduct Book". Students will sign the sheet with their name on it inside this binder for breaking school and classroom rules. You will be notified any time your student signs the conduct book on their "Weekly Conduct and Graded Papers" sheet inside their folders each Wednesday. You may also receive an email or phone call regarding your child's behavior.

    Email and Other Communication

    You will receive communication mostly via email. Please make sure you have a current email address on file with our counselor so you will receive Blackboard communication emails.

    Occasionally, you might receive text message reminders. Please make sure you have a current, working mobile phone number on file with our counselor.

    Please email the teacher that is responsible for teaching that subject if you have specific questions about assignments, grades, etc. Please allow a reasonable time for a response. We do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

    English Language Arts and Social Studies - Mrs. Cisco angela.cisco@sccboe.org

    Math and Science- Ms. Morton mary.morton@sccboe.org 


    Make-Up Work

    Students and parents are responsible for checking in with each teacher after an absence to complete any assignments, notes, or arrange make-up tests. Make-up work will be ready for students upon their return to school. Make-up work packets will not be given out prior to absences. Your student will not be given an alternative TEAMS assignment to replace work done at school, in class, for the days they missed. Students will be expected to complete all make-up work within 3 days of their return to school to receive full credit for the assignment. Students are responsible for giving that work to the teacher when it is completed.

    Changes in Transportation

    Any changes in transportation must be made in writing and sent in your student's ROBOT folder. Of course, emergencies come up and you might need to make changes in the middle of the day. If this happens, you need to contact the office via email or phone call at 205-640-2190 or at kathy.young@sccboe.org. TRANSPORTATION CHANGES MUST BE MADE BEFORE 12:00 NOON. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME CHANGES.  If I am absent, the substitue isn't able to access my email, technology might be down that day, or I might be busy and cannot check my email to see the change. Always let the office know if it's a sudden change and you can't send me a note in folders.


    We will have snack every afternoon. Please send a snack and a water for your child each day.

    Water Bottles

    Your student may bring a water bottle to school each day. We have water bottle refill stations throughout the school where he/she can refill their bottle as needed. Please do not send anything other than water in these bottles. Also, water flavorings that color the water are not allowed. Spills and leaks happen frequently and these make for very sticky floors.


    We celebrate birthday's in our class! You are welcome to send a pre-made snack/treat for us to eat during snack time.

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