Coaching/Extracurricular Volunteer Process

  • The Volunteer Coaching Agreement Application is for those wanting to participate as a volunteer coach. If you are wanting to participate as a school volunteer for school/classroom activities, please refer to the School Volunteer Process section to the left of this page.


    The volunteer coaching process is a four-step process with the St. Clair County Board of Education.  

    All steps below must be completed at least two weeks prior to the event in which you want to volunteer.  


    1.  Please complete the online background check application using this link:  Online Background Check Application

    2. Read and review the Guidelines for Use of Volunteers in Extracurricular Activities.  CLICK HERE to read and review.

    3. Please complete the Volunteer Coaching Agreement .  CLICK HERE for the Volunteer Coaching Agreement.

    4. Email or deliver the Volunteer Coaching Agreement to an administrator at each school where you want to volunteer.  One application can be completed and shared with multiple schools as needed.


    The Volunteer Coaching Agreement  will need to be completed each school year.

    The background check process is valid for a calendar year but can be revoked at any time.