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Annotating on PDF's

There are several options for students to annotate on PDF's:  

  1. Our first suggestion is to convert a PDF into a Word document - This works best for text only.  If there are many graphics, then the conversion sometimes gets skewed.  Here is a link from our Tech Resources that shows how to do this:  Converting a PDF to Word Document
  2. The second suggestion is to use OneNote or Class Notebook in Teams.  Here, a teacher can add a PDF to a page and lock it into place.  Students can then annotate on top of it without moving/deleting the document.
  3. If a student opens the PDF in the Microsoft Edge Browser, there are annotation tools at the top for highlighting, adding text, and using a pen.  The student would then need to click "Save As" to name and save the document and potentially upload it into a Teams Assignment or email it as an attachment as needed.
  4. Students and teachers also have Adobe on their computers which allows for highlighting and pen features but does not have the ability to add text to the PDF.