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PowerSchool Resources

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PowerSchool is a company that owns several different programs that St. Clair County Schools uses. 

When communicating about different programs, please use the specific names


Click on the specific red name below to access the resources:  

  1. PowerSchool Enrollment - The program used for enrolling students (SCCS has been using this for several years now)
  2. Professional Learning - The Professional Development documentation portal (Took the place of STIPD)
  3. Student Information Systems (SIS)- School/District information will be accessed here including student information, scheduling, attendance, medical, etc.  (Admins, counselors, nurses, front office will use this program exclusively.  Teachers will have limited access to take attendance and look up needed student information in the PowerTeacher Pro link.)
  4. Special Programs - Special Education information will be accessed here as well as RTI, Gifted and 504.
  5. PowerTeacher Pro - The teacher gradebook portal for teachers.  There will be a parent/student portal.
  6. Customer Education Campus/PD+ - Online training courses to help learn how to navigate the different programs within PowerSchool SIS and PowerTeacher Pro.  These are usually in the form of Learning Paths.
  7. Sandbox - Practice area where you are a pretend educator with pretend students and data, but the programs function just like your real accounts will.
  8. TalentEd - Recently purchased by PowerSchool - where documentation is collected at the county level.