About the Teacher



Degrees and Certifications:

BS degree from Jacksonville State University Masters from University of Alabama

Joshua Barnes Ford

My name is Josh Ford. My wife is the P.E. coach at Ragland.

We have two children.

Our daughter Lucy and our son Cooper. I enjoy being a teacher.

I have been teaching elementary grades since 1998.

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  • 5th and 6th Science Lessons 



    Apr. 6-10 

    Students will research and design a bridge that can withstand an earthquake.  Students will draw the design and label the different parts of the bridge and what those parts are made are made of. Write a paper explaining why you chose the materials you chose. You can send a copy of your paper to my e-mail address. 

    Apr. 13-17 

    Draw a model of the solar system on a piece of poster board. Make sure all the planets are in the proper order from the sun. On a separate piece of paper write facts about the sun and each of the eight planets. Take a picture of your model and send it to my e-mail along with your paper. 

    Apr. 20-24 

    Find ways around your house in which you could do a better job of conserving water and energy. Write a persuasive paper to persuade the members of your family to follow the better practices you have identified. Remember April 22 is Earth Day. Send a copy of your paper to my e-mail address. 

    Apr. 27-May 1 

    Observe all the plants and animals you see in your backyard for the week. Draw a model identifying all the plants and animals you observed in this ecosystem. Write a paper explaining all the ways you observed them working together. Send a copy of your paper to my e-mail address. 

    May 4-8 

    Find a recipe for making slime and follow the directions exactly as they are written. Then change a part of the recipe to try to make your own slime. Document the changes you made to the recipe and the result that it produced. Write detailed instructions of how to make the new slime you have invented. Send a copy of your slime recipe and your documented changes to my e-mail. 


    May 11-15 

    Collect different rocks and leaves from around your house. Identify the different rocks and leaves. Send a picture of the rocks and leaves labeled with correct identification to my e-mail. 

    May 18-22 

    I want you to invent a new food recipe. The recipe must include a list of all the ingredients and tools used to make it. Then it must have very detailed instructions how to combine the ingredients to make your recipe. It must be written so people following your recipe will obtain the same results as you did. You may send the recipe to my e-mail. 




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