Winning Wednesday Clubs

  • Moody Middle School is trying to foster a sense of community within our school. We feel that “the experience of being connected, supported, valued, helpful, and influential in the daily life of the classroom and school” (Schaps, 2002) will give our students an opportunity to create caring relationships amongst not only the classroom teacher, but also other adults and fellow MMS students. One way to create these relationships is to be involved in a club.

    Each club meets once a month during our Winning Wednesdays from 2:00 pm - 2:45pm. Our first club meeting will be October 23th.

  • Art Club—Do you like to color and create things? Please join Mrs. Bynum and Mrs. Watts club. (Room 121)
    Board Games Club—Mrs. Byars and Mrs. Johnston are looking for club members who like to play games that will inspire critical thinking skills. They have a few games and would love for members to bring their favorite board games to play. (Room 220)
    Book Club—Students will have free time to read, discuss their favorite books, and help Mrs. Robinson promote library materials. (Library)
    Braingle— If you love a challenge and enjoying problem solving, Braingle is the club for you!  This is a club that will work together with Ms. Morton to solve brain teasers.  (Room 127)
    Coding Club—Do you love computers?  Do you want to learn how to create computer games?  Then, Beginning Coding with Mrs. Morse is for you! (Room 101)
    Creative Writing Club—If you enjoy writing, Creative Writing Club with Ms. Farris is for you. We will journal and write stories, poems, and more. Bring your pencils and be ready to put your fabulous ideas on paper! (Room 129)
    Dance Team Club—Students can learn a variety of dance moves and a fun routine with Mrs. Dunn! (Room 124)
    First Responders Club—Join Officer Ron and Mrs. Glidewell to learn how to respond in an emergency at school and at home. Meet local police officers, fire fighters and emergency personnel. Try on first responders' gear. (Room 203)
    Fitness Club—Do you love getting in shape and staying fit? Join Mrs. Gill and Mrs. Cronley’s club. (Gym)
    Harry Potter Club—If you want to immerse yourself in the world of Harry Potter this is the club for you. Join Mrs. Terry and Mrs. Webb. (Room 122)
    K’Nex Club—This club allows you to use your imagination to build a creation of your choice using K’Nex with Mrs. Parlier and Ms. McNair. (Room 223)
    Leadership Club—This service club is for students who are looking to help improve our school and community with Mrs. Lowe and Mrs. Wallis. (Room 200)
    Legos Club—Do you love Legos? Ms. Beason and Mrs. Graham say join the club! Create amazing things with Legos. (Room 126)
    Mini- Choir—Do you find yourself singing throughout the day? Love to watch a good musical? Mini-choir is the club for you! Mrs. Key teach you to sing a variety of songs AND perform a special spring concert. (Room 103) This club is closed. Tryouts were held September 20th.
    Puzzle Club—
    Do you like puzzles? How about word puzzles? Number puzzles?  Join Mrs. Martin for puzzle club. (Room 131)
    Science Club—Preform science experiments with Ms. Brown and Mrs. Slater’s club. (Green Science Lab Room 113)
    Scrapbooking Club- Do you enjoy making creative layouts using pictures? Bring your pictures and learn how to create colorful and fun scrapbook layouts with Mrs. McCulley. (Room 100)
    Sports Trivia Club—with Mr. McNutt. This is NOT a physical activity club but does test your brain on sports knowledge. You must of knowledge of MANY sports. (Room 207)
    Tailgate Games— Does playing corn-hole and washers sound like fun to you? Join Mr. Wise to play. (Room 209)
    Yearbook Club—Help put together the MMS Yearbook with Mrs. Britt and Mrs. Stribling. We will learn about yearbook design and photography skills; and help market the sales of the school yearbook. (Room 106)
    Zentangle—with Ms. Harrell. It is Yoga for the mind, learn fun ways to draw and doodle to relax. (Room 108)