We will have a parent meeting at 5:30 tomorrow. We need members of the 8th grade team to bring their jersey from last season to help the 7th graders figure out their size. Congratulations to everyone who made the team for this year.

    Aslyn Baldus
    Marleigh Bierley
    Rayleigh Blankenship
    Izzy Brantley
    Carmen Garner
    Malory Houts
    Kendall Kerr
    Blaire Lee
    Sienna Miller
    Abby Mullens
    Maggie Nabors
    Keili Nelson
    Camryn Nowlin
    Alyssa Parker
    Katelynn Person
    Oaklie Rewis
    Aleah Taylor
    Ava Taylor
    Bella Torres
    Bella Turley
    Marlee Whatley