Ali Chambers



Degrees and Certifications:

I have a BS in early childhood education and elementary education from Jacksonville State University.

Ali Chambers

Hey Saints! 

I'm Miss Chambers and I am so excited to be teaching 5th grade Science this year. I recently graduated from Jacksonville State University and I am thrilled to start my teaching career at Odenville Intermediate. 

In my science class, we use the Interactice Science 2016 textbook by Pearson.

Is your child in my class? Follow this link to join our Remind to stay in contact with me and up to date on class information.

Feel free to contant me with any questions or concerns.


  • During the week of February 24 we will be talking about the water cycle, climate, and erosion. Students will be reading chapter 5 lessons 1, 5, and 6 in their science book. A grade will be taken on Wednesday for questions that align with lesson 6. The test will be Tuesday, March 3. Students will not be allowed to use their study guide on this test so make sure students are studying at home.

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    February 26- Special Snack/Popcorn Fundraiser Orders & Money Due

    February 28- Fantabulous Friday 

    March 2-6- Read Across America Week

    March 4 - Kona Ice
    March 11 - Wellness Screenings/Special Snack
    March 18 - Report Cards Delivered
    March 19 - Choir Performance
    March 20 - Fantabulous Friday
    March 23-27 - Spring Break
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  • During the week of February 17, students will be tested on chapter 5 lessons 2,3, and 4. This will take place on Wednesday Feb. 18. This will be the last test that they will be allowed to use their study guide on. During the remainder of the week, we will look at chapter 5 lessons 1, 5, and 6. 

    Please don't forget to turn in signed progress reports.

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  • During the week of Feb. 10 we will be focusing on the water cycle and weather. We will be reading chapter 5 in the science textbook (lessons 2, 3, 5) and creating a foldable. Students will recieve a grade for answering questions while reading lesson 2. Our test will be Wednesday, February 19.

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  • January 27-31

    During this week we will be focusing on types of pollution and what humans can do to prevent/ clean up waste. 

    We will be completing a STEM activity where students filter an "oil spill." We will also be picking up trash around the school property. 

    Study guides will go home Friday January 31. The test will be Wednesday, February 5.

    Students will be able to use only study guides on this test and the following. After these 2 tests, students will not be allowed to use any materials on tests.

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  • Class Wishlist: 

    Students who bring in supplies will recieve 5 bonus points on a assignment of their choice. Max of 10 bonus points.

    Boxes of tissues

    #2 pencils



    Dry erase board cleaner

    Cheap clipboards

    Dry erase pocket sleeve or clear sheet protectors

    Dry erase markers


    Craft materials

    Any plastic storage containers 

    Glue sticks



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  • Ecosystem Project

    We will begin building and designing ecosystems on wednesday, January 15. Students will be assigned to a ecosytem on Monday. Please send materials for their project and a small box to hold their project.

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  • Chapter 4 test on ecosystems will be Tuesday, January 13. A completed study guide will go home the night before. Students will still be allowed to use notes, handouts and the study guide on the test.

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  • During the week of January 6-10 we will be working in chapter 4 of our science book. We will be focusing on ecosystems. Have students revisit the 4 lessons in this chapter at home. The test will be Tuesday, January 14.

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  • The density test will be given on Tuesday December 17. Study guides will be sent home on the prior Monday.

    *Updated 12/11*

    I have decided not to give the students a test on December 17. This is the last week of school before christmas break annd i am aware that there will be unexpected changes in our schedule. Their flotation device project will stand as their final grade for this unit.

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  • This week we will be talking about denisty and what makes an object float or sink. On wednesday we will make flotation devices for an action figure. This project will be done in groups of 3. Please send materials with your students that will help keep the action figure floating.

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  • We will begin discussing the concept of density on December 4. Focus on these vocabulary words with your students and check my files and assignments for more material to study at home:

    Density, volume, buoyancy, sink, float, mass

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  • Students will be tested on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (Decembr 3). The assessment will cover the Bohr Model and the first 15 elements in the periodic table.

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  • We will begin creating Bohr Models for elements on Monday, November 18. Please send in paper or styrafoam plates as well as beads or other small round items you find around the house. This group project will be taken for a grade. We will display these projects around the classroom.

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  • We will have a test on elements, atoms, mixtures, compunds and reading the periodic table on Wednesday November 13. I will post the study guide and answer key to the study guide on November 12. 

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  • This week and next week we will be exploring the perodic table and realted vocabulary. I will be posting a powerpoint that we cover in class that you can use to help your students tsudy at home.

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  • This week, we will be completing an egg drop project to investigate air resistance, gravity, and the scientific method. We will creative vehicles in groups for an egg to survive a fall. Please send in materials such as carboard, paper towel rolls, straws, and other objects you have around the house. Put materials in a bag and label with your student's name and homeroom teacher.

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  • A quiz will be given on Thursday October 17. This quiz will assess students' ability to graph speed. This will also cover related vocabulary.

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  • f=ma and Shadows Test 

    This test will be sent home on Monday October 14. If your child made a D or F, please sign and return. Please continue to encourage your students to study notes, materials, and study guides on the days leading up to tests. 

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  • Our class will be revisiting the concept of gravity next week. We will begin completing labs on Wednesday to help the students understand that gravity is a force that pulls objects to the center of the Earth [5.6]. We will also be creating parachutes to protect an egg from a high fall. [5.7]

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  • Students will be tested on their ability to use the formula f=ma as well as their understanding of shadows. This test will be Tuesday, October 8. STudy guides will be sent home completed on monday October 7. The answers for the study guide will also be posted that day if you would like to review with your child. 

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  • /Forces and Motion Tests will be going home on Monday 9/30. If your student recieved a D or F, please sign and return.

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  • We will begin designing and constructing balloon powered cars on Wednesday, September 18. Please send your student with any scrap materials such as water bottles, caps, straws, wooden skewers, and tape. This will be a three day lab to help the children investigate Newton's 3 laws of motion.

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  • Students will be tested on forces and Newton's laws of motion on Wednesday, September 25. Your child will be allowed to use their study guide and any notes during this assessment.

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  • The Physical and Chemical Changes test was graded and sent home on Monday, September 16. If your child made a D or F on this exam, please sign it and have your student bring it back to me for my records.

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  • The physical and chemical change test will be given on Tuesday, September 10. Students will be given a study guide the day before that we will complete as a class. They will be able to use all notes and study guide on the test.

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