• Life Science is a course designed to gain information about all things living and how they interact with each other and their environments.  We will start off the year exploring what all living things are made of and end up looking at the organisms as a whole as well as the systems that help them function from day to day.

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Degrees and Certifications:

Sand Rock High School - 1996 (Graduated Top Ten) University of South Alabama in Mobile - 2015 (Graduated Summa Cum Laude)

Mrs. Danya Croft

I am the 7th Grade Science teacher for Odenville Middle School.  I live in Springville, AL with my husband, Tyler, and my three children:  Christian (20), Caleb (19), and Kopelyn (3).  My hobbies include just being with my family, reading (though the little one leaves little time for that), and anything crafty.  This past summer I got into making wooden welcome signs and I have had so much fun doing it.  I have to thank Mrs. Black for challenging me to make the first one.  It is awesome when you have something constructive to do that also relaxes your mind.  This is my 2nd year teaching middle school science and I must say that it is so much fun.  I look forward to sharing my excitement and love for anything science related and I hope that you can bring in your fun facts as well.