• Work-Based Learning (Cooperative Education)

    The purpose of work-based learning is to provide work-based experiences in licensed enterprises. This work-based experience will be supervised by a work-place mentor/supervisor and the Work-Based Learning Coordinator.

    Requirements to apply:

    • Must be in 12th grade
    • On track for graduation (all credits up to date and counselor approved)
    • Complete application packet (applications can be found with counselor)
    • Must hold/maintain a valid driver's license and transportation (prefer to have your own automobile- cannot depend on other people for your transportation)
    • Must have completed one Career Tech Course

    Program Requirements:

    • Maintain acceptable attendance, grade, and discipline records
    • Obtain acceptable employment by the beginning of the school year
    • Submit monthly wage and hour reports to Work-Based Learning Coordinator by first Friday of every month
    • Maintain continous employment during the entire school year. If employment is lost, you will be removed from the program and place in available courses.
    • Complete 140 total work hours (August through May) for each class period that you are not at school. (i.e. missing two periods a day requires 280 total work hours, missing three periods a day requires 420 total work hours)
    • Receive acceptable evaluations from the employer and the Coordinator