• ****Parents & Students,****

    Thank you for contacting our office to report the glitches you experienced with the orientation videos—the issue of access to the videos has been resolved at this time 8/19/20 @ 9:00 p.m.  


    Welcome to the Student Orientation page for the Virtual Prep Academy. The menu to the left contains seven required training sessions for students. Starting with the Orientation Overview, please work through each video & quiz in order. 

    1. Student Orientation Overview Video & Instructions
    2. Student Orientation Session 1: How to login and use MS Office 365
    3. Student Orientation Session 2: How to login and use MS Outlook from the Office 365 Homepage
    4. Student Orientation Session 3: Using OneDrive for student cloud storage
    5. Student Orientation Session 4: How to login and use MS Teams from the Office 365 Homepage
    6. Student Orientation Session 5: How to load, login, and use Skype for Business
    7. Student Orientation Session 6: How to login and use the SchoolPLP Curriculum Program

    After each orientation session, the student will be asked to take a short quiz about each orientation session.  These sessions should be completed sequentially as they appear and attain a score of 100% before moving to the next orientation session.  Once the student has completed all orientation requirements, an e-mail will be generated and sent with their SCCBOE login credentials.  Once they receive this information, they will be able to login and use all virtual academy applications and resources live and school instruction can begin.  Once the student has successfully activated their VPA credentials, an instructor will be making contact to introduce themselves and test communication methods ensuring students are familiar with the virtual learning process.  Keep in mind, that this process is independent and self-paced.  If you have questions regarding the orientation process, please contact one of our teachers or the main office number at (205)640-8710.

    WELCOME ABOARD! We look forward to working with you this year.

    Mr. Joe Goble, Principal for Virtual Programs