About Us

  • Mission Statement  

    The mission of Moody Jr. High School is to ensure that high expectations are maintained for all students by providing quality instruction and involving parents and community so that all students graduate, become responsible, productive citizens and life-long learners.


    Moody Jr. High School BELIEFS

    • Given a safe and supportive environment, all students can learn
    • Effective teachers are the key to student achievement
    • Support from stakeholders provides enhanced opportunities and impacts student success
    • Creating a culture that embraces change and promotes continuous improvement will result in success for all


    Continuous Improvement Goals

    • All teachers will develop and deliver effective, strategic instruction daily
    • All classrooms will be a “student- centered” learning environment
    • Our school will promote meaningful parent and community involvement in academics


    School Motto

    "Every Student Prepared"


    School Vision

    The vision of the Moody Jr. High School is to be recognized as one of Alabama’s premiere schools by providing a rigorous and relevant curriculum which will enable all students to leave this school and be successful in the 21st century.

    To accomplish our vision at Moody Jr. High School, we will:

    • provide a safe and supportive learning culture in which relationships are built and maintained with students, teachers, parents and community for student success.
    • provide classroom instruction which is relevant to the 21st century learner.
    • provide a rigorous curriculum where students become problem solvers, critical thinkers by collaboration with diverse groups and gain a deeper understanding of how their learning can make a lifelong difference.


    About Our School

    Our school is one of the most progressive in the county.  We have Internet access so that every classroom and every computer in the school have access to the Internet and to the Alabama Virtual Library.

    We have a full sports program including boys’ baseball and girls’ softball teams, boys’ and girls’ basketball teams, as well as wrestling, cross country, archery, fishing team, cheerleading and football. We have a Junior Beta Club, Math Club and a Scholars' Bowl Team. We are proud of our school and hope to continue to have many other programs planned as we continue toward our journey into the educational future of our students.


    History of Moody Jr. High School

    In the Fall of 2002, a unique and marvelous opportunity was given to the 12-14 year-old students of Moody.  An old high school was vacated to make room for the 7th and 8th grade students giving them the opportunity to participate in state-wide Jr. High School events including cheerleading, math, science, geography, spelling, and scholar bowl competitions as well as numerous sports competitions.  Students also have the fantastic opportunity to participate in a Washington, D.C. or New York week-long educational experience that alternates yearly that is available with parental support.

    When entering this old high school, very little furniture was available, dilapidated classroom desks were used, 25-year-old TVs were in classrooms and lots of work needed to be done to the facility because of broken lockers, non-working restroom facilities, etc. 

    Slowly, and with fund-raising and great parent support, the school now has new desks in every classroom, a library that has full shelves instead of empty ones, new TVs and VCR/DVD players in each classroom, new computers in each classroom, a new paint job, working restrooms and lockers, and we have new projectors mounted to the ceiling in the classrooms, laptops for all teachers, and six laptop carts to be used in the library and classrooms as well.  We're now working to get more laptop carts for our students.