About Us

  • Purpose:

    Every Student Prepared



    To provide opportunities and challenges that will prepare each student for college/career/adulthood in the 21st Century.



    To educate and prepare each student to succeed in an ever changing world.



    • Effective teachers and leaders are the key to student achievement.
    • Teaching to the standard coupled with high quality professional learning will result in a clear direction and expected outcomes.
    • Regular progress monitoring through formative and benchmark assessments that are clearly aligned with high standards will lead to adjusted and differentiated instruction which will lead to student growth.
    • Alignment of human, programmatic, and fiscal resources that support the implementation of the approved curriculum will lead to student achievement.
    • Student focus with multiple pathways to learning will enhance instruction and engage learners.
    • When students are provided with a learning environment that is socially, emotionally, and physically supportive... the students' confidence, engagement and achievement will rise.
    • Through the use of technology, the students' will gain 21st century skills and make a reconnection with the world around them.
    • Parent engagement with knowledge of their child's performance will reinforce strengths and help address weaknesses.
    • Community engagement through volunteerism and community partnerships will benefit all students from the additional resources provided.
    • Ultimately, success will be realized when 100% of the District's students graduate with or before their respective cohort.