Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. in Elementary Education (K-6)

Miss Anna Brasher

Hello Saints,

My name is Miss Brasher, and I am happy to be joining OMS this year as a sixth grade English Language Arts teacher and cheerleading coach! This is my fifth year teaching, and I’m so blessed to be in such a loving community and call it home. 

Before graduating in 2017 from the University of Mobile with a B.S. in Elementary Education, I graduated from Pell City High School. However, my parents grew up in the area, so I’m happy to be a Saint, just like my mom! 

I love family. Family is a sense of community, respect, trust, compassion, kindness, joy and so much more, which is why I strive every day to keep the environment of my classroom as a family. Growing up in a family of five, I was taught that family will always support and love you, no matter the difficulties. Although every school year has difficulties that arise, a family sticks together and rises above. My goal as a teacher is to not only increase student knowledge in academics, but to enhance the skills of the future leaders of our community.

I love music, writing, and reading. Every day, a song is stuck in my head because I sing along to my Spotify playlists on the way to work (the kids now know). I love music so much that I used to make songs to help me with my academic studies, which is why I will always incorporate music as a learning tool in my classroom. Every day, I write (either songwriting and/or journaling). I once read that a writer who writes every day might not have a good story every time, but there will be, so I encourage my students to write every day. Every day, I read. Reading allows your mind to explore the minds of the greatest philosophers and storytellers, while allowing you to view different perspectives, so why would you not want to read? If I don’t do these three things, I will not function properly. In addition to music, writing, and reading, I love Alabama Football and watching Gilmore Girl reruns. My favorite food is tacos. I love learning and cheering for our Saints with the cheer squad, and I’m especially excited about embarking on this new school year with my sixth graders!

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Go Saints!