About Us

  • Mission Statement 

    The mission of Odenville Intermediate School, in partnership with family and community, is to provide a safe and healthy environment. Every student will be given the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills which will equip them to be responsible, productive, global citizens able to compete in an ever-changing society.


    Belief Statements

    We believe learning is a life-long process and every individual:

    • is unique and possesses certain gifts and talents
    • has the desire and ability to learn
    • is worthy of an environment which promotes character, positive self-esteem, self-reliance and responsibility
    • has value and deserves the right to be treated with dignity and respect
    • will be provided with attention to their own needs and learning styles.



    To teach basic skills in all areas of mathematics, language arts, sciences, and environmental areas and to stimulate an attitude for continued learning in these areas.

    1. To nurture a child's ability to think critically, to reason, and to act responsibly.
    2. To encourage curiosity, and to enliven it through scientific investigation.
    3. To promote cooperation between school and home to develop each child's potential and realistically assess strengths and weaknesses.
    4. To express creativity in expression through writing, art, music, and drama.
    5. To utilize a variety of evaluative instruments for diagnosing learning needs.
    6. To teach the necessity of developing and conserving natural resources.
    7. To provide experiences in computer education.
    8. To create awareness of the importance of safety, good health, and physical fitness.
    9. To encourage children to understand and accept themselves and others; and to respect the needs, integrity, and potentialities of his peers.
    10. To set examples of standards and values for the development of good character traits.
    11. To instill an awareness of and a loyalty to our American heritage and ideas of democracy.
    12. To facilitate interaction between school and community in developing positive self-esteem, independence, and a responsibility to society.
    13. To acquaint students will career choices and opportunities and instill the value of work.
    14. To provide a safe, caring environment that fosters mental, physical and emotional growth.