Mission Statement

  • Steele Junior High School's mission is to prepare tomorrow's leaders today. Our vision is to challenge students and provide opportunities that will ready each student for college, career, and adulthood in the 21st Century.


About Us

  • Steele JR High Facts

    Steele Junior High School is part of the Saint Clair County Board of Education, and the Ashville school feeder pattern. Students who graduate from Steele in 8th grade matriculate on to Ashville High School. The school is located in Steele, Alabama, nestled in the shadow of the Chandler Mountain Plateau. This plateau is six miles wide and sits at 1,500 feet above sea level. This feature not only affects the school geographically but also demographically. Chandler Mountain's flat top is conducive to growing crops, specifically tomatoes. From spring to early fall it plays host to a large population of migrant farmers. Consequently, at the beginning of the school year Steele Jr. High, has a higher enrollment. Once the migrant families move on to other destinations, the school population drops to its average size of just over 200 students.

    Steele Junior High School has an experienced faculty of 11 classroom teachers, 1 counselor, 1 librarian, 1 physical education teacher, and 1 special education teacher. All teachers are highly qualified in their grade level or subject areas and many hold advanced degrees. The principal, Lisa Glasgow, has been serving as Steele's administrator since 2014.

    Steele Junior High students have many educational and extracurricular opportunities. The school offers basketball, volleyball, and cheerleading. Students from Steele are also allowed to participate in sports through Ashville's system if the sport is not offered at Steele. Beta Club, an academic honor society, is offered for high achieving students and gifted services are provided by the county. Students in 5th through 8th grade have the chance to participate in First Priority. Pre-AP classes are available in math and English. Middle school math and English Language Arts teachers have received training and resources through Alabama's A Plus College Ready program. Seventh and eighth grade students take technology classes that cover topics such as keyboarding, internet safety, and computer coding.

    St Clair County is one of Alabama's fastest growing counties, and Steele Junior High continues to grow in student population as well. The future looks very bright for the Steele Raiders!


    Steele JR High History

    Education has been a part of the Steele, Alabama community since its founding in the 1850s. Steele's first school was a one room log structure, heated by a log fireplace. There was another school located in the Baptist Church, also built of logs. As Steele's population grew so did the number of school houses. Aside from the school, located in Steele proper, there were others erected in various locations in the surrounding area. These were Union, Deerman's Chapel, and Rock Hill. In the early twentieth century an all girls' college was created named Valley Grove. It was at this site later in that century that all the surrounding schools would eventually be consolidated into one school.

    That school would become known as Steele Junior High School. This school is therefore woven into the very fabric of the Steele Community.