Meet the Superintendent



Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Mike Howard

Email: or

Phone: (205) 594-7131

Follow on Twitter: @StClairSuper


Superintendent Experience

St. Clair County: January 1, 2019 - 


Previous Experiences

Principal at St. Clair County High School

Assistant Principal at Oak Mountain High School

Special Education Teacher

Coached football, softball, wrestling, track, golf


Education Background

Educational Doctorate Degree (EdD) in Rural Education from the University of West Alabama

Educational Specialist Degree (EdS)  in Educational Leadership from the University of Alabama-Birmingham

Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Alabama-Birmingham

Master's Degree in Curriculum & Instruction from American Intercontinental University

Bachelor's Degree in Special Education from the University of Alabama


Notable Accomplishments while Serving as Superintendent

(these are all due to my team and our Board Members)

  • Redefined Roles and Responsibilities for certain staff
  • Created new evaluation system for all employees
  • Created new Job Descriptions
  • Celebrated Teacher of the Year
  • Updated logo and vision
  • Updated salary schedules and coaching supplements
  • Rebuilt SCCHS pressbox
  • Changed board information to eBOARDsolutions
  • Implemented new reading program
  • New focus on Curriculum and Instruction
  • Created the Virtual Preparatory Academy
  • Restructured the Code of Conduct
  • Celebrated multiple team and individual State Champions
  • Celebrated Retirees
  • Repaved SCCHS entrance, OMS/OIS pickup line, MES entrance, ECTC parking lot
  • Approved repaving of many other areas of need
  • Approved updates to Ashville Softball field
  • Approved updates to 3 football stadiums
  • Updated certain Policies to align with State regulations
  • Rezoned the internal attendance zone lines
  • Approved new transfer rules
  • Began Stages 1 and 2 of the 1:1 technology initiative
  • Began safety initiatives (new App, classroom door security, store fronts)
  • Continually upgrading and improving leaky roofs
  • Increased 3 points on the State Report Card
  • Purchased 40 new school buses
  • Began Instructional meetings with Asst Principals
  • Added 4 new PreK classrooms (19 total)
  • Upgraded safety lighting county-wide
  • Began spotlighting each school district
  • Revised Disciplinary Hearing Procedures
  • Approved to begin HVAC installations in middle school competition gyms
  • Celebrated National Board Certified Personnel
  • Successfully met 1 month reserve
  • Updated and improved OMS Auditorium for theatre productions, professional development meetings, and board meetings
  • Successfully campaigned for the District tax mechanism campaign
  • Successfully finished Accreditation and Compliance during a pandemic
  • Consistency within all schools
  • Expand VPA to 2 locations due to increasing size (over 600 students)
  • Continue to increase Report Card scores
  • Increase 1 month reserve (now at 1.8)
  • Implementation of new COS
  • Begin STEM initiative (Implementation of Ed-STREAM)
  • Literacy Act Camps and strategies to addressed unfinished learning
  • Increase College and Career Readiness standards and class offerings
  • Completed Stadium UpgradesNew HVAC, Roofs, Safety Fronts, etc.
  • Scored an incredible 96% on our Accreditation
  • Completed our 1:1 technology initiative!!
  • Provided a $300 supplement to all employees for extra duties
  • Provided an additional 20 days for COVID relief to employees
  • Had all 5 high schools and our county score above 90% on graduation rate for the first time ever!
  • Renovated 3 football stadium bleachers
  • Purchased sanitizing machines for all schools and all buses
  • Purchased digital thermometers for all schools
  • Created a PreK Administrator to oversee all PreK staff (tuition funded)
  • Consolidated SJHS/AMS grades 7-8
  • Created Beyond the Classroom in response to COVID
  • Repaved Annex, Ashville parking lot and behind school, MES road behind school and parking lot, MJHS road behind school
  • Implementation of new school zones and hardship/tuition transfers
  • New wheelchair lift at SMS
  • Held 2 graduation ceremonies in response to COVID for each school
  • Made necessary budget and program cuts to be more efficient
  • Partnered with County Commission for a place for Project COPE
  • Created a Mental Health Liaison (state funded)
  • Created a Fixed Asset & Work Order Bookkeeper
  • Updated many board policies to reflect current needs
  • Created a uniformed grading system for all schools
  • Purchased wifi for all buses
  • Purchased robotics for Ed-STREAM
  • Began an agreement with CEPA to utilize their facilities for our fine arts programs
  • Rezoned all school zones for St. Clair County and Pell City correcting a 28-year-old issue
  • Successfully campaigned to have all 5 school zones vote for ad valorem increase on November 16
  • Started training all P-3 staff on the Science of Reading by providing internal professional development, paid PD days away from school, and a stipend for Module 1 & 2 completion
  • Increased substitute teacher pay to be competitive during the pandemic
  • If tax passes, we will begin many construction projects (including 2 schools)
  • AND MUCH MORE (Updates coming at end of December 2021)