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School Zone Changes

There have been recent changes in some areas of the Ashville, Moody, Odenville and Springville school
zones. If you have a currently enrolled student in the 6th to 12th grades who has siblings currently
enrolled, you may have the option to stay in your current school but must provide your own
transportation. We urge you to check your address on the school zoning/GIS Map on our website at

Parents will receive a letter from their child’s school regarding these changes. If you have not received
a letter and believe this applies to you, please check the GIS map, complete a Transfer Form marked
“Grandfather Agreement” and send it to the St. Clair County Superintendents’ office in Ashville by April
25, 2020. These forms are located on the above website under the Enrollment tab/Zoning and transfer
page. This will need to be done annually.

You may contact your child’s current principal if you have any difficulties or further questions.

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Phone: 205-594-7131
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