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MHS Supply List (ALL GRADES)

**Note: This is a general list and not a comprehensive list. Some teachers will have specific items needed for their classes. You may email the teachers after you receive your schedule for specific items that might be necessary or the teachers will provide that information on the first day of class.


  1. Classroom Supplies (to be taken to your advisory teacher)

Note: Teachers cannot purchase “cleaning supplies” with state funds so they must purchase these out of their own personal money. These donations will be much appreciated.

  1. Hand sanitizer
  2. Disinfectant spray (i.e., Lysol)
  3. Disinfectant wipes (i.e., Clorox wipes or Lysol wipes)
  4. Facial tissues (i.e., Kleenex)
  5. Paper towels


  1. General Supplies (to be kept in the student’s locker and used as needed)
    1. Three-ring binder
    2. Dividers with pockets
    3. Lined paper (wide-ruled)
    4. Graphing paper (for math classes)
    5. Graphing OR scientific calculator
      1. If an advanced mathematics course, TI-83 graphing calculator (or higher) is useful.
      2. If using a scientific calculator, TI-30XIIS is the preferred calculator.
    6. 12-inch ruler
    7. Pencils (#2 lead) or mechanical pencils
    8. Pens (black or blue ink)