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Let's learn about the classes

This program consists of 3 classes. Students will be enrolled in Business Applications, Digital Media Design and Web Development. We will work towards getting Microsoft Certified. This consists of passing Word, Excel and Powerpoint Certification test. We also have some great equipment in the classroom. The students are able to learn how to use a Glowforge and its program. This machine is a laser cutting machine. We can cut and design wood, acrylic or metal pieces to sell. We have a sublimation printer and heat presses with many attachments. We also have a Silhouette vinyl cutting machine. The students will learn how to make designs and press them on items. Our goal is to design, make and then sell our items. The students would learn the details of running a business through this process. 

We will also have the opportunity to learn some of the Adobe programs, like the students favorite, Photoshop.