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**IMPORTANT** Regarding Social Security Cards

If you do not have your child's Social Security card, please read!

A message from the Social Security office concerning replacement SS cards:

As we move closer to the beginning of school, our experience has been that parents need to get a Social Security card to register their children for classes.  This is especially the case for elementary school students.  Unfortunately, obtaining a replacement card is not a same day process.  It takes 7-10 business days for a customer to receive the card in the mail.  In addition, we can only provide the parent a receipt that they filed for the replacement card at the time they visit.  This receipt does not contain any verifiable information.  We stopped providing those type of printouts in 2014.

The link below provides information parents will need to know before visiting the Social Security office to apply for a replacement card. This will allow parents to visit our office with the proper information needed and clear expectations of the timeframes involved  It will also allow them to be proactive and visit us with plenty of time to spare so that they can then provide the necessary documentation to the school and register their child.

Note:  We cannot accept a birth certificate for a replacement card.  Please review the application at the link below for proper identity documentation for the child.  Also, we are not a state that allows customers to apply online for a replacement card.

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