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Summer School Registration

It's time for Summer School Registration.  The above link will take you to the SS Registration form to be completed online. On the same page, there is a link for payment through payPAMS. 
The online form is on the SCCBOE website under Academics, Alternative Programs then Summer School 2020.  This year, SS session will begin June 8th and end July 31st. The courses will be offered through APEX Learning for grades 5th-12th
The cost is $250 per course; $150 for each additional course.
The following additional credit courses will be offered:
Health/Driver's Ed Combo- $350
Driver's Ed single course- $250
Other elective courses may be added with a limit of 1.
  Please read all information below:
*Registration forms should be completed online at the above link.
*Payment should be paid on the online PayPAMS link or by check mailed to
RYAS 466 10th Street, Ashville, AL 35953
*Full payment is expected at the time of registration.  We will not do partial payments.
*Once students have registered, a list of students with the course(s) will be emailed to each school. Principal or counselor must sign off before the student will be registered in the course(s) they have requested.
*Students will not be enrolled in a course without approval from principal/counselor.
*All grades will be released to each school at the end of the Summer School session.
*A MANDATORY Skype orientation will be held prior to the beginning of Summer School  with each student after registration is finalized to go over all course requirements.
Please email or call if you have any questions or concerns.