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School Supply Kits

We will take supply kit orders/payment up until July 28. 

Kindergarten School Supply Kit Kindergarten

1st grade School Supply Kit 1st grade supply list

2nd grade School Supply Kit  2nd grade supply list

Self-contained supply list


Students must be registered online with all paperwork turned in before they can be assigned to a classroom.

Online registration


Wednesdays 8:30-12:30; 1:00- 3:00

Please bring your child and the following documents to register:

Alabama Immunization Form.

Mortgage, Lease, or Deed.

Two other proofs of residency (water, gas, or power bill).

Birth Certificate.

Photo ID and any other legal or medical documents.

Online Registration:    English- new student registration       Spanish - new student registration

How to Become an Approved Volunteer:

Step 1 - Complete the online background check.

Step 2 - Complete and submit to OES the volunteer application form with your Driver's License attached.

Step 3 - Administration will submit your name to the Board of Education, and they will give permission to process your background check.

Step 4 - You will receive notification that you've been approved. We will notify you if there is an issue with your background check- ex: incorrect SS#, name on DL doesn't match name submitted, etc.