Virtual Learning Sign-ins

Virtual Learning Sign-ins:

Your child has a username that they use to sign into our computers at school. It is their last name and a 4 digit student number. They should know the 4 digit number. If they do not, please contact me and I will get it to you. 

Each week an agenda for the week will be posted on this website. This will let you know what they will need to do for the week.  


Skype for Buisness: 

Since there are so many issues with Zoom, we will be using Skype Business instead. They can download it for free on any device or computer. They already have a username and password that is through the school.


Password: asd123


Part One is a website called Lexia. Your child will need to work on it for 15 minutes a day. 



Password: asd123

There are two login buttons. They will need to click the LOGIN with CLEVER. 

They will have to type it in twice. 

Part Two will be a comprehension story and activity. This will be in a link that will be uploaded to my website weekly. They do not have to print any activities. They can be done on your own paper. 

(There will be an online assessment each week that will need to be completed. This will be explained st the bottom.)


We have a few Math Book lessons that we have not finished this year. These can be done in their Math book. (If you did not pick up your child's Math Book you can use this link to and use the pages from this book.) I will have videos posted for those lessons each week for your child to do with the assignments. They may watch the video and then do the practice in their book. 

Math Book

The students will need to practice Fact Flunecy on Moby Max for a total of 50 minutes a week. Once signed in they will go to the Fact Fluency tab and then they will just practice. 


School Code: al1110

Username: lastname.4digits

Password: asd123

(There will be an online assessment each week that will need to be completed. This will be explained at the bottom.)



The students will log into the Science website and complete the assigned activities.  They will have a week to complete what is assigned. 


Username: lastname.4digits (Some students have a 1 at the end of their usernames. This is because the username was already taken. So if you cannot get into the website try putting a 1 at the end of their username. IF that does not work, contact me.)

Password: asd12345


Social Studies:

The students will complete one S.S. Weekly each week. They will listen to the articles and complete the activities in the program. They will then take the quiz. 

Social Studies

Username: lastname.4digits

Password: asd123


Weekly Assessments: 

Your child will need to complete a weekly assessment each week in Reading and Math. This will be run through a program called Achievement Series. They will have a Site ID to enter, a student ID, and a test code to enter. You will probably need to help them with this at first. I will be sending you a message with their student IDs. 

Site ID: 66-5256-1735

Achievement Series