We Are Learning:


Week 1: When Marian Sang    Inference/Drawing Conclusion 

Week 2: Last Stop on Market Street    Mood and Imagery

Week 3: Martina the Beautiful Cockroach  Retelling the Story

Week 4:Trombone Shorty    Point of View/ Autobiography


Week 1: Lessons 10.1-10.4   Week 3: Lessons 10.9-11.2

Week 2: Lessons 10.5-10.8    Week 4: Lessons 11.3-11.6

Science: Weather

Social Studies: Government

Grammar: pronoun & antecedents, simple and compound sentences, capitalizing titles



February 3rd-7th: Book Fair and One For Books (Send in change and Dollars to buy new books for our classroom.)

February 4th- Marine Lab

February 13th-James Spann is visiting

February 14th- Valentine’s Dance $2

February 17th: Presidents Day - No School

February 28th- Fantabulous Friday