Online textbook instructions

Use Quicklinks to the online textbook

Create a new account after clicking the Quicklink to McGraw Hill page.  Make sure you create a student account.  If you are asked for a registration code, then you have selected teacher account.  I have found that at times you must click on the student account link twice.  Once you are on the student account page, you will need the following codes in order to access the textbook.

I encourage students to use the following format as their username and password.  This will help you remember it.

username-1st 2 initials, last name, then your 4 digit number

password-initials, then locker combination



Student master code  K5KH-8G6P-PD95-MSL3

Redemption code  LOQG-K66P-VL5O

Class Codes 

1st period  OJwe8Ecd

2nd Period  aCIOGtop

3rd Period  D8eU1aSv

4th Period  norU1LxM

6th Period  xCSpqpma


A message will be sent through the phone system indicating when, and if, students will need to access the textbook and complete assignments online.  Further detailed instructions will be posted on this page when necessary.  If you have any questions, my email is checked multiple times daily.