Week of March 16 Assignment

If access to use the online Resource is not possible, please email or call the school to make other arrangements.  We have some textbooks available if necessary.

Using the online textbook.  The instructions to complete the assignment are as follows:

1.  Once you have signed in, click the launch icon

2.  Choose the Student Lesson tab at the top

3.  Just under that tab use the drop down menu and choose Chapter 11

4.  Choose and read lessons 1, 2, and 3.  Make sure you read all pages.

5.  Choose the Activities and Assessment link at the bottom of the page. 

6.  I have made a quiz from these questions and placed them on Microsoft Teams. 

Reminder for students.  Your username and password should be lastname.4digit number@students.sccboe.org.  Password is your locker combination. 

Example  freed.####@students.sccboe.org

Students should know how to find their assignments and submit answers.  If not, I have provided a link titled Instructions on this page.  If you have any questions, I check email multiple times daily. 

Also, please continue to use sheppardsoftware.com to learn the political boundaries of the various nations of the world.  As you become familiar with these boundaries, begin to explore the physical geography as well by learning about the landscapes.  Remember that the physical geography of an area often contributes to its culture and economy.