Moody High School


On-line Registration


Dear Parents and Guardians,

                We wanted to send an update on registration. Snap codes for each student were sent earlier this week. Please check your email for the snap code Thank you for being patient while the issues were worked out.

  1. Just like the last several summers, we will continue registration on-line through Power School. You will receive your “snap code” next week. You will be notified through call out, text message, and email when the snap codes will be ready.
    2. Link for enrollment website:


  1. Two proofs of residence must be uploaded INTO POWER SCHOOL to complete the registration process. Your student CANNOT enroll without these proofs of residence. DO NOT HIT COMPLETE UNTIL THEY ARE UPLOADED BECAUSE YOU CANNOT GO BACK IN AND ATTACH. If you do not have a scan app, you can take a picture with your phone and add them.
    1. ACCEPTABLE proofs of residence are specified as:
      1. Copy of lease or mortgage agreement in parent or guardian’s name.
      2. Copy of current utility bills in a parent or guardian’s name (power, gas, water, internet, etc – bill must prove you have an established residency there). Disconnect notices are not acceptable.
      3. Property tax notice
      4. Voter registration card
      1. Bill sent to the address (such as credit card, medical, cell phone, etc)
    3. Once you hit “SUBMIT”, the program will not allow you to go back to upload proofs of residency, so make sure you upload them before submitting the application.
      1. If unable to do this, please email your proofs of residency to


  1. It is critical for you to make sure you enter the following items correctly as this program merges with Blackboard for all phone calls, text messages, and emails from teachers and MHS. There were numerous issues this school year because the parent did not list the correct email address. Please verify it is correct.
    1. Parent email (make sure to include the one you check most frequently)
    2. Parent cell phone (not the work phone)
    3. Student cell phone (will be used similar to Remind texting app by teachers)
  2. Donations – Picking parking spots and lockers
    1. A minimum of $25 will allow students the opportunity to pick parking and lockers early.
    2. All donations will be used to purchase cleaning supplies and improve facilities.
    3. If you pay for the donation, parking, and/or lockers AND complete registration PRIOR TO FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2022, you will receive a link and password via Sign-up Genius from Dr. Walters to reserve the spot and/or locker. This will be first come, first serve based on the schedule below when released and seniors will have the first 24 hours to choose parking.
      1. Parking (completed online via emailed link according to the schedule below)
        1. TBD
        2. Seniors will have first opportunity when the opportunity is available.
        3. Parking is $25.
      2. Lockers (completed online via emailed link on the schedule below)
        1. Students will not be allowed to carry backpacks to classes, so they will need to be stored in a locker.
        2. Lockers are $15.
        3. All grades will be released on Monday, July 18, 2022.
      3. Payment options:
        1. On-line payments at
        2. Credit Card (MHS will be open on Tuesdays all summer)
        3. Check (delivered to MHS)
      4. Parking Passes
        1. A copy of the STUDENT driver’s license (NOT PERMIT) AND proof of insurance.
          1. Can be emailed to
          2. Or presented on the date of registration




***Please note that more information will be released later this summer about parking. Due to the construction, we are unsure of how many parking spots will be available. We will no longer be able to use the current student parking lot. There will be limited parking spots next year, and there is a possibility that 10th graders are not allowed to park. PLEASE DO NOT PAY FOR PARKING UNTIL WE HAVE MORE INFORMATION!