Policy Reminders

Welcome!  We look forward to a great school year.  Here are St. Clair County Board of Education and Odenville Intermediate School policies to remember throughout the school year:

  • Students cannot be dropped off at school before 7:25 in the mornings.
  • If your student arrives after 7:55, an adult MUST come into the building to sign the child in.
  • Anyone checking a student out MUST be listed on the check in/out sheet and MUST show a picture ID.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  • If your student is a car rider, you MUST have the official OIS car rider sign in your window to pick up that student.  No handwritten signs will be accepted.  If you do not have the OIS issued sign, you must park and come in to get that student.
  • If your student is absent, you do not have to call the school to let us know.  Just be sure to send an excuse for the date(s).
  • If your student is going home a different way than usual, they MUST have a note stating this.  Even if its a different way every day.  Otherwise, they will go home their usual way.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • If you have bus questions or issues, please contact the bus shop at 629-6255.
  • If you have questions related to lunch money, lunches or breakfast, the number to the lunchroom is 629-5063.
  • If you need to talk with your child's teacher, please send a note to the teacher, email them or call and leave a message for them to call you back.  They will set up a time to have a conference with you.  Please know that if you "just stop by to talk/ask a question", they will more than likely NOT be available because they have a daily set planning period for conferences.
  • If your child requires medication at school:  If it is a prescription, we must have a signed form from the doctor and it must be in the original container.  If it's an over the counter medication, we must have a form signed by you and received the medication in new, unwrapped packaging. STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TRANSPORT MEDICATION-NO EXCEPTIONS!  PARENTS SHOULD MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO DELIVER THE MEDICATION TO THE SCHOOL.

Please remember to send lunch money with your child.   The lunch room attempts to notify parents when balances are low and is not allowed to have children charge lunches.   If your child owes for lunch money, please send it with them.