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Virtual Prep Academy

When it comes to education, one size doesn’t always fit all. We believe the freedom and flexibility of a virtual program can empower our students to succeed in the 21st century. We offer many choices, and our staff can assist students and parents  in exploring the varied options and creating a personalized educational plan that fits each student’s unique needs. In short, the Virtual Preparatory Academy is another way that St. Clair County is striving to meet our mission.


The SCC Virtual Preparatory Academy pairs digital learning with personalized attention. Our students and teachers interact directly via innovative web-based tools.

In addition to easy access to their teachers, our students also benefit from many opportunities to interact and connect with one another. SCC Virtual Preparatory Academy students can enjoy student clubs, field trips, and weekly on-campus gatherings. Students who reside in St. Clair County can continue to participate in several extra-curricular activities and  even play sports at the school for which they are zoned.


With our Virtual Preparatory Academy, students take their education beyond classroom walls. We offer

  • dedicated, certified teachers.
  • a variety of flexible and full-time options, offering choices in course schedule and pace.
  • one-on-one instruction and a focus on personalized education plans.
  • elementary, middle, and high school subjects offered through more than 150 courses, including NCAA-approved core courses.
  • engaging and interactive content that encourages mastery before moving forward.
  • opportunities for students to get ahead, stay on target, or get back on track.
  • 24/7 access from anywhere in St. Clair County & surrounding areas.


Our students are as diverse as the courses and options we offer. They are

  • advanced learners seeking a challenge.
  • college-bound and career-minded students.
  • homeschool students.
  • children of military or overseas families.
  • amateur athletes and performers.
  • students who have fallen behind academically.
  • medically homebound youth.
  • Individuals seeking supportive, student-driven learning.

Summer School Registration & Information

*** remember your school counselor (or principal) MUST sign off on the class you're requesting to take***