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Curriculum and Instruction


Amplify CKLA (Core Knowledge Language Arts) is a K–5 literacy curriculum that inspires learning and drives results, empowering all students with rich background knowledge. CKLA is built on and grounded in the Science of Reading and combines rich content knowledge in history, science, literature, and the arts with systematic research-based foundational skills (phonics, grammar, comprehension) instruction.  

enVision Math

enVision Mathematics consists of problem-based and visual learning that enables students to gain a deeper understanding of math concepts through explicit, guided lessons, practice, and continuous review of previously taught math topics.  enVision Mathematics provides a common language and understanding of mathematics instruction designed to allow students to grow from kindergarten through fifth grade.

Elementary Grading Information

Grading Core Beliefs

St. Clair County Schools has a collective view on elementary grading and believe in providing parents and students with an ongoing, consistent, and accurate reflection of student performance on individualized standards through an informative approach to grading.  

Kindergarten Standards-Based Report Cards and Rubrics

Rubrics clearly identify what students are able to do based on observations or performance-based assessments. 

These rubrics are designed to help parents have a deeper understanding of their child's academic successes as well as areas of needed improvement.

Kindergarten English Language Arts Grading Rubrics

Kindergarten Math Grading Rubrics

Grades in 1st-5th Grade

Students receive numeric averages each grading period based on two categories:

Gold: Tests and Quizzes that make up 62.5% of the overall grade        Silver: Classwork that makes up 37.5% of the overall grade​